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We accept referrals from general practitioners and community nurses, hospital doctors, nurses and therapists, carers, relatives and patients themselves. You can refer by telephone, fax, mail or email. When we receive a referral, we will ‘phone the patient to arrange a meeting either at Shalom House or their home.

We can help with travel arrangements if necessary.

Download the Referral Form.

Areas we cover
The Shalom House Palliative Care Centre is based in St David’s, Pembrokeshire
We care for patients with a life-limiting illness, aged 18 years and over registered with a GP in Pembrokeshire. Those with a cancer diagnosis account for some 75% of our patients, whilst patients with MND, respiratory and cardiac problems, Parkinson’s disease are attending in increasing numbers.

Personal Information

How we treat your personal information
Relevant information will be transferred to a care plan which will be updated for the duration of a patient’s stay with us. We ask patients to bring all the medication needed with them and will ask to see a copy of the latest prescription from their GP. If we are concerned about their condition, we will contact the family or carer to arrange a GP/Consultant appointment or may discuss directly with other health professionals involved in their care. We may need to access confidential medical information/notes during their visits and patients will be asked to give their written permission for this during the initial assessment.

We ask for information about themselves so that we can give them appropriate care. This may include: name, address, date of birth, NHS number and next of kin; details and records about the treatment and care they receive; notes and reports about their health and any treatment and care they need; results of investigations; relevant information from other health professionals, relatives or carers. This information is kept on file with us because it may be needed if we see them again. During your initial assessment/admission, they will be asked to authorise us to share this information with other NHS healthcare professionals, should it be necessary for their continuing care. This may be electronically.

The information may be used in different ways, such as:

Ensuring anyone involved in their care has access to accurate and up to date information about them; making a record of their care available if they are seen in other parts of the palliative care service; keeping a record of their care throughout their time at Shalom House.

From time to time during daycare sessions we will ask patients to complete patient satisfaction questionnaires. The information will help us to review the care we provide to ensure it is of the highest standard and meets future patient needs, to participate in health research, to investigate complaints, incidents or legal claims and to prepare statistics on our performance. Where information is used for statistical or research purposes, we will take stringent measures to ensure that individual patients cannot be identified.
We will offer you the opportunity to prepare a Future Care Plan to ensure that patient’s longer term wishes for your their care are clearly documented. If you would like to prepare a plan, our staff are trained to guide you and help you to write everything down.

For the patient’s benefit and for the privacy of our other patients, we do not encourage family members or carers to stay during the day. This also provides your carer with a full day respite or opportunity to attend their own appointments, go on shopping trips, visit friends or whatever they need or would like to do. From time to time we organise carer support groups. If this is something your carer might want to join, they can speak to our staff at any time.

During your stay, you will be supported by all our staff. You can discuss any concerns with any member of staff but we suggest you speak to the senior nurse on duty if possible.


We aim to provide patients with the highest standard of care at all times – but we recognise things can go wrong sometimes. We are keen to learn from your experience so we can put it right. We welcome receiving comments, suggestions or feedback – good or bad – from people who come to Shalom.

Complaints can be made verbally to any member of staff, where they will be dealt with sensitively, and they may be able to sort it out straightaway, or in writing by you or your representative to: The Nurse Manager, Shalom House, 113 Nun Street, St Davids, SA62 6BP

We will need to seek your consent that a specific person may act on your behalf and that we are authorised to release potentially confidential information. If you are unable to give consent, we must establish that the complainant is suitable to represent you. We will respect your confidentiality and respect any wishes you have made known to us that information should not be disclosed to third parties. All complaints, verbal or written, will be registered and recorded.

We will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days and let you have details of the complaints process.

We will thoroughly investigate your complaint and provide you with a full response within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint. If it is not possible to send a full response within this timescale, a letter explaining the delay will be sent to you. We will keep you informed of progress and the outcome of your complaint and make sure you are satisfied that we have taken your complaint seriously and dealt with it properly.

We will apologise where complaints are found to be justified, ensuring steps are taken to put right what went wrong and aim to prevent a similar problem arising in the future.

If you still feel that the complaint has not been dealt with adequately, you can refer the complaint to our Chair of Trustees who can be contacted at:
Chair of Trustees, Mrs Eleanor Thomas, c/o Shalom House, 113 Nun Street, St Davids, SA62 6BP

Equal Opportunities

Shalom House is committed to equal opportunities both in employment and in care practices. Should you prefer to communicate in Welsh rather than English, please make this known during your initial assessment. Whilst we cannot guarantee to provide Welsh speaking specialist staff, we will always endeavour to provide a Welsh speaker to assist you and ensure your comfort.

Shalom House takes very seriously the need to provide a welcoming environment where patients feel safe and secure. We believe that respecting privacy and dignity is not an addition to providing good quality care but is an integral part of it. Anti-discriminatory practice is fundamental to the ethical basis of our care provision and critical to the protection of your dignity. Our staff and volunteers have the necessary knowledge and skills to deal sensitively with the various circumstances in which your privacy or dignity may be infringed. You will be treated as an individual, listened to and have your views taken into account and be treated courteously at all times.

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